Valentine's Date Night

It’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday! Don’t forget to honor your spouse on this day dedicated to love.

On your date night this week, go to a nice restaurant with a romantic atmosphere, or order in from a nice restaurant and get out your best china. Make your “couple’s bucket list” of things you want to live out and experience together during the course of your life. You could even tier it based on season of life (i.e. while kids are in their teens, empty nest, etc.). 

Date night questions 

Sometimes we forget to be curious about our spouse. In addition to talking about your “couple’s bucket list” here are some other conversation starters.

What TV sitcom or movie family best describes your real family growing up? What character or role did you play?

What is your favorite or fondest memory of childhood?

Describe in detail your most mischievous moment in childhood. What did you do? Who was there? Did you get in trouble?