Time Capsule Date Idea

Are you in awe of your mate? On your date night this week, focus on your spouse and rekindle the awe! 

Time capsule date—Take an evening together where you dine in and gather together all of your old love notes, pictures, wedding videos, cards and memories together. Reminisce by reading the cards, notes and looking at the pictures. Discuss what you loved about one another and memories you created. When you are finished looking back, create a time capsule of the present date and feelings you have for another. You can buy a journal, cards, use pictures or even write love notes/ honor lists to one another (whether you share them now or later is your choice). You can also create a timeline of significant events up to that point and describe how God has worked in your marriage. After taking time to log these memories place them in a shoebox or equivalent and place it in a safe place. Count either 10, 15, or 20 years from now and write on the outside of the box, “Open on (today’s date plus # of years you choose).” Relive this same date on that same day all over again in the future.

Questions to spark conversation:

1. Early in our relationship (the first few dates), what kept you interested in me?

2. What was it about me that made you fall in love with me?

3. When did you first know I was “the one?”