Honor Each Other Date Night

On your date night this week, let’s honor our significant other!

Honor Date—If you can afford it, make reservations at an upscale restaurant of your choice. Prior to going out to dinner, spend time making an honor list for your significant other. Begin writing down everything you can about what makes your them valuable and lovable. What do you cherish about him/her?

Then, dress up for this date night. Make it classy! During dinner honor your significant other by revealing the list. Read your list to them. After the date is over, begin adding to the honor list on a regular basis.

Date night questions:

What is it about me now that you love?

When are you infatuated with me?

What am I doing when you are most turned on physically by me? What am I wearing? What time of day is it?

What one action or behavior makes you stop and appreciate me even more?